Adrianne Lenker’s abysskiss was one of this year’s most critically heralded albums, already appearing on best-of-the-year lists. Its intimate nature, as though Adrianne is singing directly to her listener, reveals a deeply reflective album. It drew praise for its emotional honesty from NPR Music, Pitchfork, Newsweek, Stereogum, Billboard, and more.

Today, Adrianne shares a stunning new video for the song “symbol,”(a song that Pitchfork dubbed “Best New Track“). Directed by Adam Gundersheimer and V Haddad, it features Adrianne exploring Coney Island, meeting and connecting with different people she encounters.

“The sincerity and intimacy of symbol inspired us to take a documentary approach to the music video,” say the directors. “The project is a sort of tribute and love letter to New York City, Coney Island, and all of the people who make those places so special. We spent a couple of days walking the boardwalk and taking video portraits of people we met. We documented whatever they felt like sharing. It was such a warm experience – each person was so giving.”

Warm and giving could be two words used to describe Lenker’s songwriting as well. Watch the video and be sure to catch her on tour in 2019.


LISTEN TO abysskiss HERE.

SOURCE: Press Release November 29th 2018