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Best of 2018

Written by: VR Staff

Vinyl Reviews Reviewers Choose Their Best of 2018 Year-end “best of” lists are as traditional and fun as spinning vinyl itself. And since no single human can possibly hear every new album released in a calendar year, consider our reviewers’ choices the equivalent of strongly endorsed favorites. Our five regular contributors honored three albums for […]

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Talking ‘Songs and Photographs’ With Anthony Wilson

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We spent the afternoon recently talking with Grammy-nominated jazz composer and guitarist Anthony Wilson about his newest album ‘Songs & Photographs’ and his work as a photographer. The album comes out on December 7th of 2018 and the vinyl version of the release comes with a book of Wilson’s photography printed at renowned art press […]

Meet Matt Early of Gotta Groove Record Pressing

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We spoke with Matt Early of Gotta Groove Record pressing about what he does, how a press can control the quality of the product, and how he got into pressing records. Check out our quick interview with Matt and let us know what you want to know about the record pressing process.

Meet Patrick McCarthy of Light In The Attic Records

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Meet Patrick, a reissue producer, and budget manager at Light in the Attic Records. We sat down with him to talk about the day to day work of reissuing vinyl records, the challenge of locating artists and tapes, and what’s next for Light in the Attic. Patrick also gave us some insight into the not […]

Meet Ryan Lewis of Kindercore Vinyl

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Meet Ryan Lewis, president of Kindercore Vinyl in Athens, Georgia. Kindercore started pressing vinyl on October 31 of 2017. In this quick interview, Ryan talks about the ins and outs of pressing and the common misconceptions people have about what it takes to make a record.

Black Circle Radio – Blue Note Review Unboxing – Blue Note Records Subscription Service – Jazz on Vinyl

Written by: VR Staff

Mitch Anderson of Black Circle Radio shares his Blue Note Records unboxing. “Very excited about this brand new service from Blue Note Records. It’s a twice a year subscription service and they hold nothing back when it comes to packaging and delivering an experience. Wow.”

Your Local Record Store: Guestroom Records in Norman Oklahoma

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We visited Guestroom Records in Norman, Oklahoma in June and had a great time! Guestroom has friendly staff, a great selection, and a store cat! All the boxes are ticked. Guestroom is ideally situated on Norman’s old downtown strip and around the corner from The Opolis, an essential tour stop for many indie bands.

What’s In The Box? The Voyager Golden Record

Written by: Jessa Zapor

The first in VR's new, ongoing series of "unboxing videos" our own Jessa Zapor-Gray takes a look inside the celestial new Voyager Box. Live long and prosper.