Indie band Animal Collective have reissued their classic album Feels on vinyl. Originally released in 2005, Feels is included on many reviewer and publication best-of lists for the decade. The reissue was remastered for vinyl and is on sale now on double LP.

(Photo: October 14th, 2004 – Louisville, KY)

To celebrate the reissue, Animal Collective have released a live bootleg from their 2004 performance at Neumos in Seattle. The show can be viewed now at the band’s website,

As per the PR: “The show was the first time [producer] Scott Colburn heard any of the Feels songs,” says Brian Weitz. “We had already asked him to record the album but we didn’t have demos and he wanted to hear the material first. He was playing in Climax Golden Twins at the time, who were also on the bill with us and Black Dice that night, so this was the test. Luckily, our set sealed the deal and we all moved into his house six months later to start tracking. A small part of us never left. If we’ve seemed a bit rushed after Seattle shows in the years since, it’s because we were in a hurry to get back there for another late night VHS horror movie screening.”

Buy the new reissue of Feels now. 


Judy Silverman (September 20, 2018) Animal Collective Reissue Feels on Vinyl Long Out-Of-Print LP Is Released Today, Remastered Specifically for Vinyl… [Press Release]