Grammy-nominated jazz musician Anthony Wilson has announced a release date and details for his newest album Songs and Photographs. Recorded in February of this year, the album will be available December 7.  The RTI pressed 180gram LP will come packaged with a 48-page artbook made in collaboration with specialty publisher Little Steidl and featuring Wilson’s photography.

Said Wilson in the album announcement: “Most mornings I wake up and go out wandering with my camera, sometimes in my hometown of Los Angeles, often in places around the world where I am traveling on tour. I look, watch, and take in the space around me. I’m conscious of my attentive state, totally absorbed in noticing things.
In Songs and Photographs the visual and musical paths of my process converge into a single work in which the songs and the photographs speak back and forth to each other.
Making pictures has shown me this: anything I see, experience, or feel has the right to be in a song. And putting those actual things — the tiniest moments — into my songs, has paved a way toward expressing the personal and the intimate in a fullness I had not quite realized before.”

Songs and Photographs is available for pre-order now.