Camila Fuchs has announced that they will be releasing their second album, Heart Pressed Between Stones via ATP Recordings on November 9th.

Photo Credit – Urte Janson

Regarding the formation of the duo, Camila de Laborde, one half of Camila Fuchs with  Daniel Hermann-Collini said: “I was searching for more involvement with electronics, and Daniel for a vocalist.Collaborating meant having the exchange we were both looking for and it has become a really natural and inspiring connection built over the years. Initially Daniel introduced me to German electronic subculture from Krautrock to labels like Raster Noton and I in return opened him to some more electronic pop acts. After that we gradually went into industrial music and punk bands and artists like Leila (Arab), Jenny Hval, Broadcast and Tim Hecker to mention a few.”

 Heart Pressed Between Stones is available for pre-order now. 


SOURCE: Press Release – October 11, 2018