Oklahoma-based indie band Colourmusic has announced a release date of February 4th, 2019 for their fourth studio album ‘Swimsuit.’ The 180gram pressing is limited to 300 copies.

As per the album release announcement: “Composed and produced by Ryan Hendrix and Nick Ley (Flaming Lips, Brothers Griiin), Swimsuit is the most personal the band has ever produced. “In the way that a lot of people I know these days are preparing for the end of the world,” Hendrix states, “this album is a doomsday prep album in an emotional way. I know that some bad things are coming my way and I wanted to create a soundtrack I could listen to when those things do.” One of the primary influences of this album is water. “I’ve been trying to write music that mimics water for a while,” states Hendrix. “I’m drawn to it because it is powerful, mysterious and erotic.” These images informed the musical language of Swimsuit, which Colourmusic calls erotic noise, a mixture of rhythmic noise elements, early 90’s pool party r&b, dream pop, ambient layers, and fuzzy bass.”

Swimsuit has been available to fans to reserve by contacting the band directly through their website. 

SOURCE: Press Release – October 10, 2018