Deerhunter has released a new single from their upcoming album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? out January 18th, 2019 via 4AD.

About the album, 4AD says: “How do you describe an album out of time, concerned with the disappearance of culture, of humanity, of nature, of logic and emotion? Why make this album in an era when attention spans have been reduced to next to nothing, and the tactile grains of making music have been further reduced to algorithms and projected playlist placement. Why wake up in the morning? Why hasn’t everything already disappeared?

In preparation for the release, Deerhunter has shared a new single from the album, “Death of Midsummer.”

Deerhunter will be touring globally from November 2018 through March of 2019, tour dates can be found here.

Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? is available for pre-order.