JD McPherson has announced that he will be releasing his debut Christmas album Socks on November 2nd via New West Records. Socks will feature original holiday music and McPherson will embark on a brief pre-Christmas tour in support of the album’s release.

Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Showing awareness of the general perception of holiday albums, McPherson said in the album release announcement, “Over the past few months, I’ve told a few friends and interested parties that we’re releasing an album soon, and that it’s a Christmas album. You can immediately see the disappointment or bemusement on their faces. Then I have to explain to them how incredibly proud I am of it, and how I rate it as an actual album, as opposed to some kind of stop-gap or cash-grab. It’s eleven original songs. I think it’s some of my very best lyrical work. The band played beautifully. It was the most fun we’ve ever had in a studio together. After hearing the final mix, we marveled, and none of us can stop listening to it. First and foremost, it’s a rock and roll record (fans of our first record are going to flip out) and one that I believe at least a few people will listen to in the summertime, when they get a jones for feeling good. Scout’s honor.”

The video above is not one of McPherson’s holiday tracks but gives a taste of the kind of sound you can expect from the original holiday release.

Socks is available for pre-order now on limited edition green and red marbles vinyl.


Nick Mallchok (September 18, 2018) JD McPherson’s Debut Christmas Album Socks Out November 2 [Press Release]