Finnish musician Jaakko Eino Kalevi has announced that his newest album Out of Touch will be available October 12th via Domino Records. Out of Touch follows Kalevi’s critically-lauded 2015 self-titled release.

As per the PR: “Written and produced by Jaakko in 2017 in studios in Helsinki and Berlin, where he’s lived for four years, these ten new songs are among the richest he has composed. Ranging in style from the soft swagger of “China Eddie” and Motown psych of “This World” to the Aegean dub of “Conceptual Mediterranean Part 1” and irresistible pop of “People in the Centre of the City,” each song is characterized by that familiar JEK warmth and melodic flair.”


Out of Touch on limited gold vinyl
is available for pre-order now. 


Evan Taylor (September 14, 2018) Jaako Eino Kalevi New album Out of Touch to be released October 12th [Press Release]