Nonesuch released Punch Brothers’ latest, “All Ashore,” this past Thursday on digital formats. Vinyl is coming on 9/7 and available for Pre-Order now.

The record includes nine original songs written by the band. It has already received critical acclaim, with the Independent (UK) calling it “a record both open and expansive, while feeling understated and harbouring a quiet intelligence,” and Newsday saying it is “a lovely way to find beauty in chaos, a safe port in our increasingly tumultuous times.” NPR noted, “Paul Simon is retiring, but his sound lives on … very sharp and confident songwriting.”

Lead singer Chris Thile says the album is “a meditation on committed relationships in the present day, particularly in the present political climate.” He continues, “We were hoping to create something that would be convincing as a complete thought, in this case as a nine-movement, or nine-piece, thought. Though it’s rangy in what it’s talking about, and in the characters who are doing the talking…”

“All Ashore” was recorded at United Recording Studios in Hollywood, which was formerly Ocean Way. An absolutely legendary LA recording studio.

Pre-Order Vinyl HERE.