In 2009 Australian musician Matt Corby began releasing singles and EPs. After five EPs, he finally released his full-length album debut, Telluric, in 2016. Two years later, Corby has released his highly anticipated sophomore album, Rainbow Valley. In the time between albums, Corby became a dad ­– a life-change that prompted him to “get his shit together.” I feel this new sense of direction and maturity strongly in Rainbow Valley, an album I highly recommend.

Matt Corby’s first single “Brother” (one of his strongest tracks to date in my opinion) was released in 2010 and stoked the publics desire for a complete album, which, as mentioned above, wasn’t released for years. But the EPs Corby released were a beautiful preview into his potential as a soulful crooner…and made music lovers want more.

In August of 2018, Corby shared the first single from Rainbow Valley, a Willy Wonka-inspired psychedelic tune titled “No Ordinary Life,” in which the artist created a magical, almost ethereal auditory world. “No Ordinary Life” helped set the stage for Rainbow Valley.

Every instrument and vocal on Rainbow was performed by Matt Corby who exudes a musical confidence that indeed developed with the production and release of his previous album and many EPs. Every note in Rainbow Valley naturally clicks into place and feels more comfortable than previous efforts.

Corby’s true free spirit, simple grooves, and soulful harmonies just fit together so perfectly. I don’t doubt that you’ll press play and time will disappear as you enter Corby’s dream world.

The album is now available on all platforms! Purchase Rainbow Valley on vinyl here.