I’ve kept Wild Nothing’s music on consistent rotation since the album Nocturne in 2012, so I was curious what the new album Indigo would bring. Released on vinyl August 31st, Indigo is musically unique from Wild Nothing’s previous albums but isn’t so completely different from those releases to make me forget who created it. Put simply, it is fresh but familiar.

This post is not a review of the album so much as a gentle nudge. A brief argument as to why Indigo should be the next album you buy and take for a spin.

Over the past few years, Jack Tatum (the brains behind Wild Nothing) has put out a handful of LPs and EPs that feature a sound I like to call “the pretty, stereotypical lo-fi dream-pop.” Indigo takes this sound and goes bolder and more refined, evoking 80’s pop tones that make you feel as if you’ve woken up in a John Hughes film.

If feeling like an extra in Sixteen Candles or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off isn’t enough pull for you, let’s chat about the production. Indigo was co-produced with Jorge Elbrecht, the man whose resume includes recent work for Japanese Breakfast, Aerial Pink, and Frankie Rose.

Released on the Captured Tracks label, Indigo has received nothing but praise since it’s release.  From “the critics,” who knows? But from the real indie-dream-pop critics, a.k.a. 20-something year-olds on Twitter with closets full of tee shirts straight out of the eighties and a cigarette dangling from their lips, Indigo is pretty darn good.

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