Sundazed Records has announced a new reissue of Linda Perhacs 1970 album Parallelograms. Out December 7, the album, with good reason, became a cause celebre during the height of the freak-fold/new weird American music resurgence that started in the late 90s spearheaded by artists such as Devendra Banhart, Cocorosie, and Joanna Newsom.

As per Sundazed’s album announcement: “Part of the effect of the album is in the incredibly sensitive production by soundtrack composer Leonard Rosenman. He facilitates some very non-traditional ideas and gets extraordinarily skilled musicians to execute them. Rosenman’s willingness to work in intense collaboration with a wide-eyed studio novice speaks volumes about his desire to help create something truly original.

According to the label, “this Sundazed version of the album is meticulously mastered to reveal a deep and subtle soundscape that practically reinvents the listening experience even if you’ve heard Parallelograms a thousand times before.”

Parallelograms was previously reissued by Mexican Summer, Sundazed, Sunbeam, Merry Go Round and Anthology Recordings.

Parallelograms on golden yellow vinyl is available for pre-order.