Los Angeles based musician Ty Segall has announced that he will be releasing a cover album titled Fudge Sandwich on October 26th through In The Red.

The album, which will include covers of songs by John Lennon, Funkadelic, Spencer Davis Group, and Grateful Dead among others, follows Segall’s critically lauded January 2018 release Freedom’s Goblin (Drag City).

From the Fudge Sandwich PR: “This particular covers collection is called Fudge Sandwich, and the album art (see above) has a picture of a fudge sandwich on it. He hopes you like it. If you don’t, it’s ok because he really just made it for fun. Ty is currently taking his dog, Fanny, for a walk.”

Fudge Sandwich will be released on colored vinyl in limited quantities and is available for pre-order through In The Red. 



Source: Jessica Linker (2018, September 5). Ty Segall Announces Fudge Sandwich…[Press Release]