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Talking ‘Songs and Photographs’ With Anthony Wilson

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We spent the afternoon recently talking with Grammy-nominated jazz composer and guitarist Anthony Wilson about his newest album ‘Songs & Photographs’ and his work as a photographer. The album comes out on December 7th of 2018 and the vinyl version of the release comes with a book of Wilson’s photography printed at renowned art press […]

Meet Matt Early of Gotta Groove Record Pressing

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We spoke with Matt Early of Gotta Groove Record pressing about what he does, how a press can control the quality of the product, and how he got into pressing records. Check out our quick interview with Matt and let us know what you want to know about the record pressing process.

Meet Patrick McCarthy of Light In The Attic Records

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Meet Patrick, a reissue producer, and budget manager at Light in the Attic Records. We sat down with him to talk about the day to day work of reissuing vinyl records, the challenge of locating artists and tapes, and what’s next for Light in the Attic. Patrick also gave us some insight into the not […]

Meet Ryan Lewis of Kindercore Vinyl

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Meet Ryan Lewis, president of Kindercore Vinyl in Athens, Georgia. Kindercore started pressing vinyl on October 31 of 2017. In this quick interview, Ryan talks about the ins and outs of pressing and the common misconceptions people have about what it takes to make a record.

Your Local Record Store: Permanent Records in Los Angeles, California

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We visited Lance Barresi of Permanent Records in Los Angeles in July and talked the joys (and the small pains) of running a record store. Permanent has curated an excellent selection, has fun in-store show, and a store cat! You know how we feel about record store cats. Lance also works on an excellent series […]

Black Circle Radio – Blue Note Review Unboxing – Blue Note Records Subscription Service – Jazz on Vinyl

Written by: VR Staff

Mitch Anderson of Black Circle Radio shares his Blue Note Records unboxing. “Very excited about this brand new service from Blue Note Records. It’s a twice a year subscription service and they hold nothing back when it comes to packaging and delivering an experience. Wow.”

Meet The Label: Southern Lord Recordings

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Greg Anderson, co-founder of Southern Lord Recordings and guitarist for Sunn O))) sat down with us to talk about the beginnings of Southern Lord (celebrating its 20th anniversary this year), listening to music on vinyl, and how discovering music has changed. Watch and enjoy.

Your Local Record Store: Guestroom Records in Norman Oklahoma

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We visited Guestroom Records in Norman, Oklahoma in June and had a great time! Guestroom has friendly staff, a great selection, and a store cat! All the boxes are ticked. Guestroom is ideally situated on Norman’s old downtown strip and around the corner from The Opolis, an essential tour stop for many indie bands.

What’s In The Box? The Voyager Golden Record

Written by: Jessa Zapor

The first in VR's new, ongoing series of "unboxing videos" our own Jessa Zapor-Gray takes a look inside the celestial new Voyager Box. Live long and prosper.

Zach Cowie, Emmy Nominated Music Supervisor

Written by: Jessa Zapor

The second in a three-part video series of interviews with Emmy nominated music supervisor, DJ, and record collector Zach Cowie. In this video, Zach talks about his long-standing love of vinyl, the problems with vinyl reissues, and keeping his collection from turning into a hoarding situation. Check out our Youtube Channel to watch parts 1 […]

Michael Lavorgna – Artist & Former Editor of AudioStream

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Michael Lavorgna, artist and former editor of AudioStream sat down with us in his listening barn in New Jersey to talk about vinyl and computer audio. The value of music streaming, why he loves Roon, and what he thinks of people who say analog music isn’t as good as digital (spoiler, he disagrees and thinks […]

An Interview With Mastering Engineer Kevin Gray of CoHEARent Audio

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Kevin Gray, mastering engineer at CoHEARent Audio, is regarded as one of the best vinyl mastering engineers working right now. We sat down with Kevin in his LA studio to talk about how he got into mastering, the importance of audio source, and his history with vinyl records.

Third Man Records and Pressing in Detroit

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We sat down with Dave Buick of Third Man Records and Pressing to talk about the store, the pressing plant, records, and the importance of a Third Man plant being located on Cass Corridor in Detroit, Michigan. Third Man has been getting a lot of press due to its relationship to Jack White, and we […]

In Praise of Record Stores with Scott Booker and Nicholas Ley

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Scott Booker (manager of The Flaming Lips & CEO/Executive Director of ACM @ UCO) and Nicholas Ley (musician with The Flaming Lips, Colourmusic, Brothers Griiin and Program Director at ACM @ UCO). Sat down with us to talk about their love of records and record stores.

Pressing Records at Independent Record Pressing

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Sean Rutkowski, general manager of Independent Record Pressing in Bordentown, New Jersey, recently gave us a tour of IRP then sat down with us to talk about the fine (and silver-bullet free) art of pressing records, the streaming to vinyl connection, and the joys of making records. Watch the video now!

Meet The Label: Burger Records

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Running a record label isn't easy, but Burger Records does make it look fun. Meet Lee and Sean, the mutant perma-teens behind the Burger empire.

Record Jackets 101 with Rob Maushund

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Ever see terms like direct-to-board or “old style” thrown around to describe a record jacket? What about when you shop in a record store? Do you ever wonder why some album jackets are heavier? Or why reissues and originals of some titles are different from each other? Rob Maushund of Stoughton Printing sat down with […]

In Living Stereo – New York City

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Meet Steve Mishoe, owner of the hi-fi store In Living Stereo in New York City. We spoke to Steve about building a starter vinyl system, why people should work with dealers to create audio systems, and how the vinyl resurgence has affected turntable sales.

Jack Stoughton of Stoughton Printing

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Stoughton Printing has been making record jackets since the late 60s in Southern California and its president, Jack Stoughton has been there almost the entire time. Jack sat down with us to talk about the fine art of record jacket printing and design.

noho sound in New York City

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Ron Kain of noho sound in New York City shared his audiophile philosophy and why he thinks people need to invest more in their home listening experience. Carve some time into your life and listen to a record already!

John Devore – Record Collector and Speaker Designer, Devore Fidelity

Written by: Jessa Zapor

We sat down with John Devore of Devore Fidelity in Brooklyn, New York, to talk about his first records, speaker design, and the importance of listening parties.

Murat Aktar – President of Sterling Sound

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Sterling Sound has been on the top floor of the Chelsea Market building since the late 90s, but all that is about to change. We sat down with Sterling Sound’s president Murat Aktar to talk about Sterling’s history, their upcoming move out of NYC, where they are going, and why so many music production and […]

Ryan K. Smith – Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound

Written by: Jessa Zapor

Ryan Smith, a mastering engineer at Sterling Sound, sat down with us to talk about what he does as a mastering engineer, the differences in mastering for vinyl and mastering for digital, and how he got started out in the industry.